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Russian Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Zheleznyak Visited the Sino-Russian University in Shenzhen

  On April 11, Russian Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Zheleznyak together with the youth delegation paid a visit to the selected site of a jointly new-built Sino-Russian University in Shenzhen, accompanied by the Deputy-director-general of Municipal Education Bureau Fan Kun.

  The drizzle did not trouble the guests at all. Under the guidance of Fan Kun and officials in Shenzhen Longgang District, Zheleznyak walked around the selected location and a temporary campus, listened carefully to introduction of project progress. All delegates were satisfied with the preparatory process of the new joint Sino-Russian University. Zheleznyak said that he deeply believed a bright future of the newly built school considering Shenzhen’s scenery and convenient infrastructure. He sincerely appreciated the pragmatic attitude of Shenzhen municipal government which has built a temporary school to guarantee the initial enrollment of students. In addition, the State Duma delegation also gave a priority concern and support for this cooperative program, hoping it would soon run into operation and provide a new platform and momentum for educational culture & technology exchanges between two nations.

  According to press release, a memorandum of understanding signed between the education heads of the two countries witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 20, 2014 to support the collaboration between Romonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). On August 11, 2014, Shenzhen municipal government Mayor Xu Qin, Vice-rector of MSU Professor S?Shahray and the Secretary of Party Committee of BIT Guo Dacheng jointly signed the cooperation agreement, representing the preparatory work stepping into a new stage. According to the cooperation agreement, the new joint Sino-Russian University is a non-profit institution of higher education with the status of independent legal person. Aimed at building a world-class comprehensive university with its own characteristics, the university will focus on talent-cultivation education and high-level research activities to meet the need of global science & technology and economic development. High-quality professionals and high-level academic achievements are the targets of Sino-Russian strategic cooperation and regional economy & society development. The school will teach in three languages – Chinese, Russian, and English. Students graduate from the university will be honored with diploma from MSU and a Chinese diploma.

  The new joint Sino-Russian University, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate education, is located at the southwest of Dayun new district in Shenzhen, adjacent to Longkou reservoir, Shenxianling reservoir, Dayun Natural Park and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, covering an area of 33.37 hectare. In the first five years, the annual enrollment will increase from 300 to 500, with the final aim of 5,000 students. Various majors are planed including science, engineering, management, social science, education, medicine; at the very beginning, majors in six researching fields will be established - Russian language & literature, arts & culture, applied mathematics & information technology, economics, international business & finance, management & auditing, and geosciences. The first class of recruited student will study at the temporary campus in September 2016.


  Source: Preparatory Office of Sino-Russian University

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