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Shenzhen’s Soaring Higher Education:The Settlement of Sino-Russian University in Shenzhen Witnesse

  Shenzhen’s Soaring Higher Education:The Settlement of Sino-Russian University in Shenzhen Witnessed by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

  On May 20, witnessed by both President Xi Jinping and President Putin, Mr. Hao Ping, vice Minister of Ministry of Education, and Mr. Tretiak, Major, Vice Minister of Russias Ministry of Education and Science, signed The Memorandum of Understanding on the Co-founding of Sino-Russian University by Beijing Institute of Technology and Romonosov Moscow State University. As the Memorandum of Understanding stipulates, the two parties will support Beijing Institute of Technology of China and Romonosov Moscow State University to establish the Sino-Russian University, and present policy guidance according to laws and regulations respectively.

  Romonosov Moscow State University is also known as Moscow University. The university is the largest and oldest comprehensive higher education institute in Russia. Located in Moscow, the university was founded in 1755 by educator M. B. Romonosov, with a long history and excellent traditions. It is well-known in the world for its outstanding faculty, good facilities, and excellent teaching and academic quality. Moscow University is of a special position in Russian Federation. It is an independent university granted with autonomy. The Charter of the university is devised through researches by Russian University Council. It is reported that the International University Park is to make its inception of construction within this year, and the Sino-Russian University is also planned to be located in the International University Park. Apart from this, there is more news concerning the higher education of Shenzhen. 

  Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) to StartEnrollment of Undergraduate Students

  The Shenzhen Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is approved to launch its undergraduate programs. The future name of the school is Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), which aims to become a research-oriented university, is to enroll undergraduate students at the score line of the First Batch of Undergraduate Universities. It is expected to start enrollment of undergraduate students in 2016.

  On April 28, Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government and HIT signed The Agreement on the Joint Development of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) by Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government and Harbin Institute of Technology. According to the Agreement the HIT (Shenzhen) is to be developed as a top-notch research-oriented university; the university gradually will form a complete higher education system that integrates full-time undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs as primary focus, and part-time education and overseas student education with secondary importance. HIT Shenzhen exercises the president responsibility system under the leadership of the University Council. The university focuses mainly on engineering and sciences, with interdisciplinary studies as a remarkable distinction. The students at HIT Shenzhen are of independent school roll, and schools of the university are managed with credit system and flexible educational system. Students that graduate from the university are conferred the Graduation Certificate and Degree Diploma of Harbin Institute of Technology.

  Shenzhen is to build the International Academy of Sciences. Faced with the major demands of space technologies, aiming at developing the international academic frontiers and high-level innovative talents, Shenzhen is to work with Harbin Institute of Technology and Astronaut Research and Training Center, to build a professional disciplinary system, talent training system, and high level research and development base, catering to the development of the international space undertaking and technical applications of related space industries, and achieving the construction of an international professional university with remarkable distinctions in the field of space technology. Through strengthening the cooperation with professional international training institutions, the university is to carry out international training programs on space technology, build a platform for international cooperation and extended education, so as to provide manpower and technical reserves for the development of space technology and the Shenzhen Space Industrial Base.

  Shenzhen University to Establish City College and Business College

  This year, Shenzhen University will actively facilitate the qualification of Key University of Guangdong Province, speeding up the establishment of City College of Shenzhen University, to lay a solid foundation for the universitys qualification as a member of the First Batch Enrollment of Undergraduate Universities. Meanwhile, the university also aims to establish a top-notch international business school, which is specialized in educating MBA and EMBA students. The college is to be located at Xiangmihu Lake.

  University of Queensland and Jilin University to Establish a Special College in Shenzhen

  In the morning of April 28, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin had a meeting with Peter Hoy, President of University of Queensland, and Mr. Chen Dewen, Party Secretary of Jilin University. The three parties have reached a consensus on the co-founding project of the Special College. Xu Qin said that University of Queensland is a prestigious university in the world, and Jilin University is a top university in China, and the government hopes that the cooperation on the establishment of the Special College would reflect the quality idea and reform spirit of Shenzhen, and that the university may focus mainly on the advantageous disciplines of the two universities, such as new energy, biological science, and environmental sciences, etc; and that the Special College would constantly innovate on its education notions, modes, and mechanisms, so as to improve its teaching of internationalization and form the new mode of higher education with Shenzhen characteristics, boosting the quality and sustainable development of Shenzhens economy and society, exploring new boundaries for the friendly cooperation between Guangdong Province and the State of Queensland, as well as contributing to the development of Chinas higher education reforms.

  2014 Enrollment of Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

  In April, Ministry of Education sent an official letter to Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government, notifying the approval of the founding of Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) jointly by Shenzhen University and Chinese University of Hong Kong. The first few undergraduate program majors approved at Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) include Marketing, International Business, and Economics. In Phase I (2014-2017), the scale of enrollment is 3300 students. In Phase II (2018-2021), the scale is 6200 students. In Phase III (2022-2025), the scale is 11000 students.

  As the university introduces, in 2014, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) is to enroll 300 undergraduate students from the arts high school students. The tuition is similar to that of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, at the level of RMB 95,000 annually. 

  Source: Shenzhen and Hong Kong Info, May 23

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