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Fintech research institute set up

JOINING hands with China’s first privately run Internet bank, WeBank, Shenzhen University (SZU) inaugurated a financial technology research institute Tuesday. A signing ceremony and the research institute’s first council were organized on the same day.

President of SZU, Li Qingquan, inaugurated the research institute with Gu Min, chairman of the board of WeBank, witnessed by representatives from the university and the bank.

The establishment of the Shenzhen University-WeBank Financial Technology Research Institute is expected to facilitate collaborative research and the development of projects involving financial technology studies as well as to cultivate high-end talents in the field.

Before setting up the research institute, SZU and WeBank had already come to agreements and signed strategic deals to jointly cultivate professional talents in the financial industry. A class of undergraduate students interested in the industry was enrolled this September.

Apart from academic research, the two parties also agreed to work together on exploring the industrial chain and policies regarding the financial technology sector to come up with professional standards and policies as a think tank for the local authority.

The president said in a speech that setting up the financial technology research institute is of great significance for both the university and the bank, as the two parties need each other’s strengths and resources to further dive into the sector and come up with new research results to contribute to the society’s development.

With Tencent, Baiyeyuan Investment and Liye Group as its main stakeholders, WeBank is the country’s first Internet bank and has been applying leading technologies to its business over the past three years since its establishment.

The bank’s chairman of the board also delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony and said the research institute would play a vital role in attracting more talents in the financial technology sector to call Shenzhen home, making the city an international hub of high technology.

During the inauguration ceremony, Yang Qiang, a guest professor from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was appointed as the chief professor of the new research institute.(Shenzhen Daily)