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SZ youth science and art festival unveiled

The Shenzhen 2018 Youth Science and Art Festival was unveiled at Shenzhen Children’s Palace on November 10 and will run through December, kicking off a two-month grand feast of science and art for teenagers.

The festival is organized by Shenzhen Children’s Palace and Shenzhen Children’s Museum of Science and Technology and has been held four times before, receiving a warm welcome from local teenagers. It aims at enabling kids to enjoy the charm of science and art and inspire them in these two fields.

All of the activities at the festival are public welfare activities presented in popular forms. Over 10 events will be presented including the Youth Science Innovation Carnival, the Pengpeng Technology Show, screenings of a film on the popularization of science, and Aquatic Wildlife Protection and Education Month.

During the opening ceremony and the Youth Science Innovation Carnival, a fleet of 10 drones presented an aerobatic show for the audience in Crystal Hall of Shenzhen Children’s Palace. Later, guided by a coach, kids flew drones themselves.

In the creative programming workshop, they learned about programming on-site.

From November 10 to 30, a plant painting exhibition is held on the fourth floor of Shenzhen Children’s Palace, providing kids an opportunity to explore the wonder of nature.

From December 1 to 9, a nine-day Tencent T-Day event will be held at the west plaza of Shenzhen Children’s Palace where kids and parents can try out the advanced and interactive AI technology, big data, cloud computing, AR, race recognition, voice recognition and Internet plus smart life.(Shenzhen Daily)