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SZ high school baseball team wins over Taiwan team

The Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town High School (OCTHS) baseball team beat Taoyuan Municipal Shou Shan Senior High School on December 3 during a final-round match of the second Cross-Straits Student Baseball League, which marked the first victory from the Shenzhen side.

Suffering a 0-11 defeat to Trung Yi High School the day before, OCTHS quickly learned from the experience and changed their strategy. “Compared with teams from Taiwan, we lack in competition experience,” said Wang Jinglong, a baseball coach at OCTHS.

Wang told the team members not to be afraid of losing the game, but to try to analyze and learn from their competitors from Taiwan. “After playing against the Taiwan teams, they learned to always stay positive and excited even if they are in a disadvantaged position during a game. With this win, we proved that we can play baseball as well as more experienced teams,” said Lu Yuwei, a member of the Shenzhen team noted for his excellent performance during the game.

More than 1,000 baseball players, coaches and referees from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan gathered at the finals of the second Cross-Straits Student Baseball League, which officially kicked off in Shenzhen on December 2 and ran through December 5.

Four Shenzhen teams entered the competition including OCTHS, Longzhu School, Shenzhen University and the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Founded 20 years ago, the OCTHS baseball team has a comparatively long history. “Playing baseball requires following the rules, good teamwork and self sacrifice at certain points,” said Huang Yongdong, head coach of the team.(Shenzhen Daily)