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Cross-Straits friendships blossom in town

During the weeklong second Cross-Straits Student Baseball League Final, Taiwanese players stayed one day with a host family and went to school with new friends. The local experience left them with good memories.

On December 7, Taiwanese student players and coaches were invited to attend classes and take campus tours in primary schools in Shenzhen.

Players and coaches from New Taipei Sinpu Elementary school were deeply impressed by the colorful activities and students’ passion for learning at Yucai No. 4 Primary School. They joined in a slew of in-class and after-school activities, including subjects such as Chinese, English, robotics and 3-D printing. Lin Youji, a student from Sinpu Elementary School, said that one group performed an impressive short sketch during their presentation in the Chinese class. His schoolmate Wu Zhengjie thought the lively interaction between the teacher and students was refreshing in the English class.

Culture exchange was also carried out in the classroom of Nanshan Binhai Experimental Primary School. Zhang Tingyu, a student from Miaoli Ren’ai Elementary School, introduced Taiwanese delicacies and recreation to local students. To enhance cross-Straits friendship between children, Taiwanese students were allocated to different classes such as mathematics and physical education according to their grade.

The young baseball players from Taiwanese schools stayed with 226 Shenzhen families for one night to experience local life and befriend local peers.(Shenzhen Daily)