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Charity fair unleashes students’ poetic creativity

More than 2,000 teachers and students from Shenzhen Huaxin Primary School gathered for a charity sale and set up stands in the school playground to sell creative artifacts and handmade pieces on the afternoon of December 13.

The proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to the Kashgar No.18 Primary School of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and selected artworks will be donated to the school art gallery.

According to the school, the activity is a part of a newly developed school-based course for helping students experience the charm of classical Chinese poetry and the beauty of nature. It is also aimed to help students cultivate the habits of reading classics, enjoying creativity and sharing, and enhancing their interpersonal skills.

To prepare for this activity, students picked multicolored leaves from the school’s back garden and created pieces of exquisite poetic handiworks by combining classical Chinese poems with painting and leaf collages.

After the charity sale began, teachers, students, parents and other participants scrambled to buy the creative works. Li Ziming, a second grader, fancied a leaf collage titled “Bird” and immediately took out 5 yuan (US$0.72) to buy it.

“The bird in the picture is so beautiful that it looks like it is about to fly out. I have to buy it quickly, or the picture won’t be there in a minute,” Li said.

Teachers also moved from one stand to another and quickly bought the works that attracted them.

“The course lets children feel the beauty of traditional Chinese classics and the wonder of Bijia Hill and the nature around them while they prepare for the activity. Children’s potential is limitless and needs to be tapped,” said the principal of Huaxin Primary School.

At the launch ceremony of the fair, Xie Chen, secretary general of the school’s student literature society, unveiled the nameplate of Mangrove Youth Literature Creation Base School, as the school has become one of the seven schools that share the Youth Literature Creation Base title in Shenzhen.(Shenzhen Daily)