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Primary school student wins first prize in maker contest

Chen Haina, a student at Nanhai Primary School in Nanshan District, was awarded the first prize at the 2018 Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Student Maker Contest.

The competition, held between December 14 and 16, was hosted by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province and the CNC Equipment Cooperative Innovation Institute of Foshan Nanhai Guangdong Technology University.

Chen pays close attention to the disabled, so he created an intelligent guide cane. During the competition, he calmly and excellently replied to the experts’ questions with rich scientific knowledge and won the first prize as an individual in the primary school group.

More than 2,000 primary and secondary school students and instructors participated in this year’s contest. A total of 487 works stood out through rounds of selection and entered the final evaluation at the provincial level.

Following expert evaluation, 46 works won special awards, 95 won first prizes, 157 won second prizes and 174 were awarded third prizes.

The contest has been held for three years and aims to cultivate the innovative spirit and hands-on capabilities of primary and secondary school students, while promoting basic education curriculum reform and the comprehensive implementation of quality education.

Students at Nanhai Primary School will also take part in the 14th national little academician contest of the Chinese Youth Academy of Sciences and the MEV motor vehicle contest at the 2018 Shenzhen Student Maker Festival to be held at the end of this month.(Shenzhen Daily)