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Expert shares nuclear story with SFLS students

Zan Yunlong, former chairman of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company, shared his experience and challenges in the early years of constructing Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant with students at the Shenzhen Foreign Languages School yesterday.

Asked by the school’s headmaster the key to overcome challenges with limited time and resources, Zan admitted that he had given up much for the Daya Bay nuclear program.

“One must give up something to achieve others as time and resources are limited. So all I did is to put the nation and the Party’s need in advance of personal needs,” said Zan.

Zan also recalled the significance of Daya Bay nuclear construction in the context of the reform and opening up.

After the reform and opening up, China embraced foreign economic and technological exchanges, which built a solid ground for the Daya Bay nuclear construction.

Lastly, Zan suggested students present to combine personal interests with the nation’s needs while planning their future.

Asked about the security concerns of Daya Nuclear Station, Zan said that all the construction and maintenance of the station are overqualified. Also, unlike Fukushima, the station is built on a very stable geographical environment.

In the 2010 World Association of Nuclear Operator Conference, Zan was awarded the Nuclear Excellence Award for his contributions to nuclear engineering.(Shenzhen Daily)