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Chinese Poetry Evening held in SWIS to embrace Mid-Autumn Festival

The first-ever Chinese Poetry Evening jointly organized by Shen Wai International School (SWIS) and Shenzhen Speech Artists Association (SZSAA) was held on September 19 at SWIS.

The activity invited masters in the art circle to present a wonderful elocution show for children, aiming to allow students to learn more about Chinese traditional festivals and culture in anticipation of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In addition to the poetry evening, SWIS also held a garden party on its grounds. Students were encouraged to wear traditional Chinese clothing to school. They also tasted mooncakes, answered lantern riddles, visited a traditional Chinese handicrafts fair, tried papercutting, painted sugar figures and molded clay figurines with their parents.

Wu Xiaoli, principal of SWIS, said that the school has made great efforts to allow children from all over the world have close encounters with Chinese culture.

This poetry evening was designed to leave students with an impression of the significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival to Chinese people.(Shenzhen Daily)